How small businesses can use social media to grow

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The consumers and ‘passive marketing’

Today’s businesses now rely on social media for marketing for several reasons. Budgeting is one of the biggest reasons, since traditional marketing can sometimes cost more than expected. But, it’s not just about money. It’s also about reaching the consumers.

Today, plenty of consumers rely on their social network of choice to keep in touch with their favorite businesses. To provide an example, most people usually passively watch businesses via social networks. They do this by watching or following a business page to keep up with promotions or news.

Their behaviors can actually cause a business to gain potential sales over time. Think about it: people that choose to follow a business on a social network may feel compelled to view their business page or make a purchase if they’re interested. Those behaviors usually happen after a business makes an effort to actively engage their audience.


Ways to use social media

Website design alone can’t actively engage an audience. Social media, however, can. Though, like any useful tool, you can’t use it without learning how to use it right.

Social media provides small businesses with a lower cost way to expand their target market. This is done by using their platform as a way to engage their customers. Using a social network profile as a ‘gateway’ to their business site (with a good website design) is another way small businesses utilize social media.

Social networking services themselves are helping small businesses grow, too. Many have now implemented features within their service that help strengthen a business’ brand networking. Besides helping them effectively reach their customers, social media brand networking also provides small businesses ways to capitalize on social trends by using those trends as a great marketing tool.


Closing thoughts

Social networking services provide us with more than just a platform to build a unique profile. They’re now a way of life for millions of people.

That’s proven by the millions of people who log in and interact, communicate and share on countless social networks every day. Though, we’re not the only ones using social media all the time. As mentioned, small business use social media—and, they can grow their businesses

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