Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is airint?

Airint is a web design and Internet services company specializing in small to mid-sized business solutions. We provide a wide range of products and services tailored for business and personal needs. We make the experience painless by providing everything you need to get online quickly.

2. Who are the people behind airint?

Airint is run by a group of individuals who have over 20 years experience in technology and the Internet. Browse through our Services and Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

3. What makes airint different?

We don't like to focus on the technology. When you work with us we will use words like "target audience" and "look and feel" instead of "bandwidth" and "file storage." You can leave the technology to us and instead focus on your business.

4. How quickly can you get my business online?

Depending on the size and complexity, we can typically have a demo website online within a week. For smaller websites, we can have them in production in less than 5 days.

5. How much will it cost to get online?

Click Services to find a list of sample packages and Compare Website Packages for a list of features and prices.

6. How are prices determined?

Every website we build is custom made for our clients. Prices are based on the size of the website, the number of pages and, if it's an e-commerce site, amount of products you would like us to add to your store.

7. Will I have to call you anytime I need to make a change?

No. We provide a website with full administrative capabilities and provide you all the resources you need to be able to maintain your website yourself. If required, we can provide regular updates or complete overhauls at low hourly rates. In many instances, we provide minor updates to loyal customers for free.

8. Can I see some samples of your work?

We respect the privacy of our customers who often do not want to advertise they used a third party to develop their websites. As a result, we are not allowed to display some of our best work.  We do have a small sample of the sites we have built here.

The process we follow allows you to see a sample design of your own website before you commit to working with us. See question 16 below for more info on our process.

9. What if I don't like the design of my website?

We guarantee you will be happy with your website and will produce a demo for your review prior to you receiving any bill or even committing to having us build your website. We will work with you to find the design that matches the personality of your business, along with your target audience. We will then produce a working sample for you to review.

10. Will my website work on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices?

Yes.  We ensure all our customer's websites work on mobile devices and tablets. There are no additional charges for your website to be optimized for mobile devices.

11. Will my website work on all browsers?

Your website will work on all current versions of the most popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.  In most instances, they will also function in older browsers such as Internet Explorer 8.  There are some designs that require a modern browser. For those clients that require support for older browsers and have designs that are legacy-browser prohibitive, we can create secondary designs for those browsers.

12. Is there a monthly fee?

Hosting fees start at $5 per month, depending on the size of your website or the number of products you will be selling. There may also be a transaction fee for PayPal or credit card processing. If you have any questions about the monthly cost for the number of products you intend to sell, please Contact us.

13. Will you register my domain name?

We can register your domain name, but prefer you do so yourself so you retain ownership. We can walk you through the process; it's easier than you think! Use the search box below to find a domain name for your business.

14. Will I retain ownership of my domain name?

Yes. We will assist you with the domain name registration so that you retain ownership.

15. Are there any hidden costs?

No. We will provide a proposal outlining the services and the costs. This will include the website design as well as the monthly and transaction costs (where applicable). We also offer an hourly rate for anything beyond the proposal. Our eCommerce Entrepreneur package includes 60 minutes of complimentary post launch updates where we can fix any issues discovered after you've signed off on the website.

16. What is the process to get my website online?

Whether or not you know which website package is right for you, we encourage you to submit a proposal form. The form helps us determine what you are looking for with your website and assists us in creating a proposal and building a demo site for you to review. The proposal will outline all the work we will complete and the total cost for the website. Once you agree on the design (including logos if applicable), we will work with you to finalize: domain registration, text for the different pages, product images, and descriptions. Only when you are completely happy with the design and content of your website will we make it publicly accessible.

Here is an outline of the steps we follow in getting you online.


17. Can you help with social media?

We provide assistance with the major social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) with many of our plans. For some of our more basic plans, we have a Social Media Package that can be added.  We can build your business page on these websites and help you get started with maintenance, as well as communication with your customers.

18. Will my site be secure?

We support industry-standard 256 bit encryption using SSL certificates for all our e-commerce sites. We can provide the same level of security for any of our other sites for customers that require it. You can access an encrypted version of airint.com here.
SSL Certificate

19. Do you offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or online marketing?

We always have SEO in mind when we build your site. We will set up keywords, titles and descriptions that best match your product or service. We offer full service SEO services through a partner.