Mobile Redesign

Is Your Website Optimized For Mobile?


Does your website work on mobile? Is it optimized for mobile devices? Does it have your customers and potential customers zooming in and out and scrolling left and right to read some text? Does it leave them feeling frustrated with trying to get info about your business on a mobile device? Mobile is the future of the web, yet most businesses consider it an afterthought for their websites.

With our Mobile Redesign package, we take your existing website and optimize it for mobile devices. We format it for a smaller screen size and a touch-based interface all while keeping your existing site for larger screens. We ensure your website looks great on iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets (such as the Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire) as well as Windows Mobile and Microsoft Surface devices. Don't frustrate potential customers with a badly designed site that makes mobile users feel like they don't matter.

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