Projects & Portfolio

An eclectic sample of some of the websites we've developed for our clients

Sapphire Bliss


In our initial branding and design conversations with Sapphire Bliss, we learned they wanted a very elegant, minimalist website. Something that was sexy and alluring without screaming those words. We started with a base theme and spent the majority of our time stripping away elements. Removing text, links, extra images. In the end, we provided a minimalist website that says a lot about the brand.

"Airint was a breeze to work with. They made developing my website as painless as possible and developed my website with passion and care, the same way I design and create for my customers."
-Stephanie Chen



Tim wanted a sophisticated, modern website for his premium cotton candy business. The website needed to convey the the brand and bring out the fact that his product is not the typical prepackaged cotton candy you find in big chain retail stores. He also needed an e-commerce site where his wholesalers could place orders and where the wholesale prices could be hidden from his retail customers.  Oh, and the site had to be live within 30 days.

We worked closely with Tim to go over every detail of his requirements. We then put together a project plan with the goal of going live before or on his deadline date. We were able to create a stunning site that looks very sophisticated, yet is still colorful and playful (it's cotton candy after all).

AIRINT did an amazing job exceeding all my expectations. They are consummate professionals and competent in every single phase of the website build process.  They responded to all my questions and requests quickly and always did what they said they would do. Their project management skills made the entire process extremely efficient especially since we had a very tight schedule. I was very lucky to have found AIRINT and would highly recommend them for any website project.I can't imagine having had a better experience with any other website  developer. 
-Tim Moran, Owner, SpinnCandy,LLC


Rick Cross is a veteran financial advisor who saw the need for a website that properly matched Financial Advisors with investors. Think for Financial Advisors and Investors.  He developed a proprietary algorithm that uses metrics and information about the investor find an Advisor that can meet their needs. He and his team had the algorithm all ready to go but needed our help to design a site  that provided information about the service.  We created a professional info and e-commerce site to front end the algorithm. We then worked to integrate the existing algorithm site to match the design of the site we built. We implemented an e-commerce component so that investors and advisors could sign up for the service.


Aaron Chavez Music


Aaron found us on Reddit where we were offering a special promotion for musicians. We spoke with him about his music and developed a site that would reflect both his music and personality. The key approach for a musician's site is that is must adapt to the current album. This website can have a completely different look by changing some fonts and the background, in order to match Aaron's current album.

"My connection to airint came through a post on advertising an amazing deal to build a website for the first two musicians who responded and confirmed. Though I was skeptical at first, it was too good of a deal to pass up and after just a few minutes I got a reply and I exchanged emails. After a few emails and a phone call, all skepticism vanished, and I agreed to have the website built as airint began the process. They were incredibly thorough with their work, paying close attention to the format of the site to ensure that the aesthetics of the website complemented my music. I was very pleased with the communication skills and customer service exhibited by airint and would recommend this company to anyone looking to build a website with professional precision and flexibility. "
-Aaron Chavez


Crawford Metal Works


Barry Crawford is an metalworks artist in Nevada. Prior to working with us, he had a bad experience with a web developer who had left him with business cards pointing to a half-finished website. We scrapped that site and built a brand new, visually stunning site.  Artists sites can't look like accountant sites. They need to be bold, visual and dynamic. We believe we captured Barry's art in the site, although the photography of his great work had a big part in the awesome site we were able to build for him.

Airint was extremely helpful, friendly and quick in getting my website up and running from start to finish. I recommend them to anyone wanting to get their business up on the web in a fast and professional manner."

-Barry Crawford


Frenchtown Psychotherapy


Dr. Richard Charwin was looking for a clean, professional website for his burgeoning psychotherapy business. The site had to be professional and user friendly. He provided some good reference sites that gave us a good idea of what he wanted. We took those references and provided a clean, professional site that's a reflection of his practice.


"I was pleased to find Rosario and Airint wed design when it came time to build my new site.  The personal touch, responsiveness to my needs, expertise, and follow through were simply amazing.  I would recommend Airint to anyone considering a new web site."  

-Dr. Rich Charwin, Frenchtown Psychotherapy




We often have clients who must use a specific technology or system and we have to design around the required system. was such as client. Jo Carlin is a real estate agent with Weichert. Weichert provides a website system where their agents can provide their listings and link out to other Weichert listings. A website outside this system would not have all the required tools that Weichert provides their agents. This presented a challenge in that we had to work withing the system. We started out with nice stock images and listing widgets and created a clean website.