Why Hire A Small Business?

We’ve been online a while now and thought it would be a good time to start up our blog and see if we can help small businesses and individuals get online.  In this first post, I would like to talk about why we feel hiring a small business for web services is important. We’ve all seen those sites offered by large marketing firms. Those cookie-cutter websites that all look the same – the floating logo and colors may change, but it’s the same site whether your business is a barber shop or a restaurant. Firms that were selling Yellow Page ads and stationary years ago decided they should offer web design services by copying and pasting different content on the same tired themes.

We hate those services. Not just because we compete with them, but because they look awful. While they have gotten better in the last few years, they are still no match for the customized solution you will get from a small web design company. The word small is key here.  If you are a small retailer, you know why your customers get better service from you than from the big chain retailers. If you are a restaurant you know your customers get a better meal than going to a chain.  Small businesses are just better at providing some services than those big guys. We believe web design is one of those services. That’s why we started airint.com.  We want to provide customized services, attention to detail and a branded website to small businesses that don’t have the huge budget for web services that their big chain competitors do.

In the coming posts we will cover such topics as SEO, Social Media, mobile web and others.  Hopefully we can provide some insight that can help small businesses use their online presence to grow their businesses.  We hope you enjoy reading about these topics as much as we enjoy writing about them.

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