A Different Way To Buy A Website

Small businesses don't always have excess capital for great web design. Our exclusive airPlan provides small businesses the ability to split the cost of their website over the course of multi-year agreements, while retaining our services for updates, fixes and modifications.

How does it work?

We start by working with you to gather your requirements and provide a free, no obligation proposal for your website. The website will include a total cost for our initial design, plus the cost for updates and maintenance.  Our websites typically require a 50% down payment and then several other payments over the course of the project until the website is live.

With airPlan, we decrease the down payment to as little as 10%. We then break up the remaining cost of the website over the course of 3 to 5 years. You can modify the down payment, monthly payment or number of years based on your budget.  

Included in all airPlan packages are updates at no additional cost to you over the course of the agreement. 

airPlan | A better way to buy a website

Regular Plan Sample

Cost of website:  $3,000

  • Down payment: $1,500 (50%)
  • Amount due when website is live: $1,500 (balance)

Optional features that are included in the airPlan:

  • Social Media Package: $299
  • Updates: $25/month
  • Hosting: $10/month

Total cost of website over the course of 3 years (as an example):  $4560

airPlan Sample

Down payment: $1,000

Monthly payments for a 3 year agreement: $100/month

Total cost of website for a 3 year agreement: $4600

In this example, for an additional $40, you get a fully functional, production website for 1/3 the up-front cost and can pay for the balance over the course of three years.

At the end of the three years, hosting and updates go back to the $10 and $25 cost from the original proposal.

airPlan Terms & Conditions

  • Total amount due is the down payment plus the monthly payments over the course of the agreement.
  • After the first year, the client has the option to buy out of the agreement at 75% of the remaining balance. 
  • In the event the client chooses to exercise the buyout option AIRINT will transfer all components of the working website; to include all custom code, images, fonts, themes, etc.
  • AIRINT has the right to terminate this agreement at any time after the site is live. The client will not be responsible for any additional fees or balance of the full agreement amount in the event AIRINT terminates the agreement. We will provide two weeks notice prior to terminating the agreement.
  • Monthly fee will include the Update Package which includes the following:
    • Blog – updates as often as once per week (client must provide content).
    • Add / Remove up to 60 products throughout the year.
    • Add promotional and seasonal coupons – unlimited throughout the year.
    • 5 Holiday updates per year (example: Happy Holidays image in December).
    • Unlimited updates to 1 promotional image on the landing page.
    • Updates to all other site images to keep the website fresh (4x per year – client is responsible for cost of image licenses).
    • Minor design changes (major changes such as changing theme or complete redesign of the website not included).
    • Monitor Google Analytics and Webmaster tools and make recommendations for when SEO or site content may need to be modified.
    • 20 Newsletter designs throughout the year.
    • Does not include updates to social media, however, depending on the number of updates, we can discuss handling this for you.
    • SLA for site updates is 72 hours, unless it is an outage, which will be addressed immediately.
    • Additional terms may apply.